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Not One More went to Many Mansions in Thousand Oaks today! We were greeted by wonderful people and a whole set up of snacks and coffee!

Today we spoke to adults, which is part of the diversity of our speaking. Letting them know who we are and our goals in the community. Pat said something that really stuck with me today. He was talking about parents who call him for help with their addict children. He said: “I can’t fix them. I can’t fix anyone. But I can listen.”

Not One More is the support. It’s the heart. The compassion. The ears. The ones who stand up and say, “Well take this on.” No matter how difficult it is to deal with all of these trying aspects of addiction, we’re on the front lines. Letting everyone know we’re here. We’re listening, and we will help in anyway possible ♥️ #notonemore #makeadiffernce #nom #family