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Pat MontoyaAs President of Not One More I wanted to write you all and let you know how “Not One More” is spending the donations that we have received. Some have questioned and I have no problem with that, I thank you for asking.



  • We use the donations that we receive to purchase merchandise items to hand out to students and at public events, such as bracelets, brochures, flyers, and various supplies to put on these events.

We attended many groups, including schools, youth groups, sports teams, workshops and all of the above supplies go with us to help in education and awareness.

  • We support other groups across the country that have interest in starting a chapter by sending a starter package of some bracelets and brochures.
  • We funded and promoted the “Poison’ video you can view on this site.
  • We have used some of the donations to occasionally help out someone in need. We’ve donated to other nonprofits to further their cause as we work hand in hand to help others. (Samaritan Center, Kid Gloves Gym, Action Foundation for example.)
  • We use the funding to pay for fees associated with events. (street fairs, car shows etc.)
  • We used the funding to join the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce to gain access to the business community.
  • We use the funding for operating costs associated with our non-profit: business license, maintenance of our Not One More Web site, tax preparations, accounting preparation.
  • Our board members and others all volunteer for Not One More, putting in countless hours of our time without compensation. We occasionally use our own money to tie up any loose ends as well. We don’t receive many donations but enough to do as we have set out to do — educate and provide awareness and support. All of our donations are accounted for and used frugally.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

We at “Not One More” appreciate each and every one of our supporters and cannot do this with out your support.

It takes a village !
Not One More !!

Thank you,
Pat Montoya
Not One More President