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Royal High School Brown Bag lunch speaker series, representing Not One More with over one hundred students, we had to turn some away and was at standing room only.

It isn’t always about the substance use but the WHY they choose to use, including Peer pressures, bullying, School and family issues, behavioral health issues, using for the fun of it.
We discussed SUD’s , harm reduction including Narcan, the good Samaritan Act, school resources as well .

We didn’t have time for a lot of questions but the kids filled out questionnaires and hopefully we’ll see those . I guess I talk to much lol…

I told them they are the generation to end this epidemic….

One of the most fulfilling parts of doing these speaks is afterwards when the young people come up and tell us their stories, including one young man today that said he will have 6 months sober tomorrow, we hugged each other with his friends and told him that we’re proud of him for his sobriety and his life.

I’d like to thank teacher Brian Dennert for the invite and the need for these kids to hear this message .