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Not One More today at El Camino High School, this is our 6th year presenting at this assembly. We presented 6 assemblies throughout the day.

We presented a different aspect at this assembly, that being human trafficking, this is very prevalent in the drug culture world. Very eye-opening and informative I’d like to thank Melinda S. Malovoz for her presentation.

We spoke on topics including physical and cyber bullying, self-worth, peer pressure, family and school pressures, injuries, fitting in and life pressures.

Our bullying presentation was presented by Carlos Ramirez.

We showed the movie Poison by Alex Martinez by teacher’s request.

Drug subjects we talked about were tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, vaping, prescription drugs, street drugs, Fentanyl and Carfentanyl.

We spoke on the drug antidote Narcan and not leaving anybody alone and using the Good Samaritan Act.

We spoke on helping each other, loving themselves, self-image, treating people how you want to be treated, valuing their lives and others.
Awesome day for us being able to share our lives and having the kids interact with us and sharing theirs as well.

When we asked the questions if anyone knew anyone with SUD’s or if they had lost anyone to an overdose, about a third of the assemblies raised their hands.
One student commented “why aren’t we (as a society) doing anything about this epidemic” 

By the teachers account we had over 700 kids, mostly freshman a third of the school students .

Thank you to Regina Goad once again for being that teacher who steps up and makes a difference in her school.