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Tonight Not One More and friend’s attended the Ventura County juvenile probation department Substance Abuse diversion class.

This class is consisting of juveniles 15-18 years of age that are first time offenders but not first time users that were there with their parent’s as we shared on many topics relating to substance-abuse.
It was definitely an eye-opening experience as these families heard from parents that have known first hand of the devastating affects of substance abuse and accidental overdose losses to their families.

We also had speakers share on addiction and Recovery and the effects of their substance abuse disorders on their Family’s and tolls it takes on all involved, family and friends.
We showed our documentary “Rewind”.

We spoke on gateways drugs substance abuse disorder, prescription medications,heroin. Meth., marijuana as well as many other drugs perscription or street level and the effects of these drugs on the brain and in their lives.

I want to thank Ventura County Juvenile Probation Department, Rene and the rest of his staff for inviting Not One More to share at their diversion program.
We’ve been asked to run the substance abuse diversion program through June of 2019.

I also want to thank the brave families of Rose Tapia Castro and Susan Filsfor sharing there stories of their angels Jeremy Castro and Logan Fils .

Thank you Aliza Thomas and Nic Thompson for sharing your stories of hope and recovery, your sincere heart and compassion of sharing your lives with these young people are amazing .

This is one of the most important parts of our speaks is to receive feedback, this is from a mother of the program and this makes all the difference, as we say “if we can change or make a difference in just one life” …….