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A major issue all over our Country is the addiction of young people to opiate drugs.  Unfortunately, Simi Valley is no exception.

Our City is taking action against the drug problem.  In response to the issue I founded the Heroin Prevention Task Force.  I am very appreciative of the lead role taken by the “Not One More” citizens organization.

In February 2012, the City of Simi Valley, Simi Valley Unified School District, the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District and the newly formed Not One More (an organization comprised of concerned citizens) called for the three agencies to develop a focused, aggressive community action plan to help prevent the use of heroin in Simi Valley.  The Task Force on Heroin Prevention was formed as a community-based effort to raise awareness of the issues surrounding substance abuse and to develop and move forward with a plan to combat drug abuse and its impacts in the community.  Its primary goal is to develop a coordinated, community substance abuse prevention strategy and develop recommendations for immediate implementation.  With very strong and active community support, including hundreds who attend the February 13, 2012 City Council meeting, Simi Valley has demonstrated its commitment to doing everything possible to achieve the goal of “Not One More” death of a Simi Valley young person.

The Task Force on Heroin Prevention is comprised of two representatives each from the Simi Valley City Council, the Simi Valley Unified School District Board of Education, the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Board of Directors, and  the non-profit organization Not One More, one representative from the Simi Valley Chamber of Commerce and two more representatives from the Faith  Based Community.

The Task Force meets on a regular basis at City Hall to determine what strategies can be taken to prevent this problem from becoming even worse.  The key approach is drug education and awareness in addition to aggressive law enforcement.

The Task Force will use the strategies to develop a coordinated plan to assist in the prevention of heroin and other drug use in the community.

Some examples already in place are:

  1. Heroin prevention page on the City of Simi Valley and Simi Valley Unified School District websites
  2. Random K-9 searches in schools
  3. Drug drop-off programs
  4. Diversion Programs

It is a great testament to the resolve of our community that we have banned together to fight this menace that is destroying our children.

This page will be updated as strategies evolve.